This is a place where thinkers think, makers make and doers do.

This is home. This is work. This is a play space and a place for limitless possibility. This is 2,400 residential units, 100,000 square feet of retail and dining nestled beside 2.1 million square feet of Class A science and technology space. This is the future and the future is now.

Explore in 360°

Tech & Lab Space

Because you work the way you work, we’ve built the way we’ve built.

Innovation and collaboration is at the heart of how we’ve created our next-generation science and technology space. Our living, breathing spaces are an extension of the energy and cutting-edge intellectual aura that emanates from Kendall Square, Harvard and MIT. Here, the life sciences will come to life to change the way we think about health and biotechnology here and around the world.

Residential Space

This a place for explorers to call home.

What if you could create a place that served as sanctuary as well as inspiration? A place that invites you in and rejuvenates you while readying you for whatever tomorrow may bring? This is the future of residential at Cambridge Crossing. Open floor plans with sun-splashed spaces and outdoor terraces that overlook skylines and green spaces.

Space for families to grow
Here’s to pedal power
Bring the outside in
Infrastructure that’s built around you

Retail Opportunities

Find a world that doesn’t look like the rest of the world.

When you start with a blank canvas that is 11 acres of open green space, the possibilities are endless. Set among meandering bike paths, water features and open-air amphitheaters, Cambridge Crossing offers a collection of unique artisanal retail experiences. Destination, al fresco dining, tap-rooms and breweries will set a new standard for public and entertainment space in Boston.

Something incredible is rising in Cambridge.

And here is your exclusive invitation to be a part of it. We want to collaborate with driven, courageous thinkers and makers who share our vision. Cambridge Crossing is the place for leaders and teams who know that the spark of real innovation can strike at anytime.